Saturday, 18 January 2014

A crafty plan to get back online... (ish)

A crafty plan to get back online...

Itching to get back online, and with no news on the repair of our network connection by the IAC, we are looking at a plan to at least get the telescope operating again. Using 6 terminal prompts, 2 ssh port forwards, 2 vpn links, some iptables trickery and a modem (yes, a phone line thing from the last millennium), I bring you this! - A picture from Dome Cam:

It's not ready yet, but this is work in progress to connect the telescope job control system to the telescope using the emergency backup modem. We wouldn't be able to bring back the telescope images from Tenerife until our main fibre internet link is restored, but at least we could be sending it things to do.

This also relies on us being able to do the ice tests to make sure the dome is OK - over a modem...

Fun times.

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