Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Website unavailable this Saturday 23rd March 2013

The web site will be unavailable this Saturday from 5am until the evening (UK times).
Due to essential electrical maintenance works in the building at the University of Bradford where our web servers are located, all web sites will be unavailable from 5am UK time on Saturday 23rd March 2013 (0500 UTC) through to some time on Saturday evening, depending on when the University staff finish their work.

We appreciate this will be irritating if you try to use the site on Saturday, but these outages at the University are very rare and our web site up-time is generally very good.

Although this outage should be during the day only, it is worth noting that any outage at the web site has no effect on the telescope in Tenerife. During times when we are almost totally unable to communicate with the system in Tenerife, it carries on as normal, autonomously deciding what to do and when. Telescope jobs are still done and saved, ready for when the web site can retrieve them.

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